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    LoanSync - Loan planner


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    A quick and easy-to-use loan calculator designed to help you analyze your monthly expenses. The tool is designed primarily to help borrowers, to relate monthly expenses to income.

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    Application benefits

    ✔️ You can make simple calculations of income and expenditure, for example when planning a mortgage.
    ✔️ Find out how much the interest rate on the loan is allowed to rise so that your income is still sufficient to pay the monthly instalments.
    ✔️ You can see how much money you're saving per month after all your expenses.
    ✔️ Using the application does not require logging in and the application does not ask for your name or contact information.

    Income and expenditure for the month

    Start planning by estimating how much income and expenditure you have per month. Expenses include rent, electricity, water, insurance, phone bills, food, hobbies, car expenses, bus tickets, etc. In the LoanSync app, you can see the percentage of your monthly income that has been used.

    Calculating the monthly instalment of a loan

    Enter the desired loan amount, interest rate and loan period and LoanSync will calculate the monthly instalment of the loan. See how changes in the interest rate and loan term affect the amount of your monthly instalment.


    If necessary, you can enter two different loans with different loan amounts, interest rates and loan periods. LoanSync gives you the result of the combined monthly instalment of both loans.

    Rise in loan interest rates

    Explore the potential impact of rising interest rates on your own finances. LoanSync calculates a maximum interest rate estimate (1-15%) based on your income, expenses, loan amount and loan term.

    Twice the budgeting for your household

    What is a good salary?

    You can use the LoanSync app to determine the monthly salary you need based on your spending. For example, calculate an appropriate monthly income for a given amount of loans and other necessary monthly expenses. Just enter your loan details, other expenses and how much you want to save per month.

    Monthly savings

    LoanSync automatically calculates how much money you have left to save each month. You can see in percentage terms how much of your monthly income has been spent and how much you have saved. 

    Using the LoanSync application in brief

    1. First, choose which values you want to include in the calculation.

    2. Enter information on income and expenditure as accurately as possible.

    3. You can see estimates of possible monthly loan repayments, other costs and the amount you can save.

    If you are planning a mortgage, car loan or other credit, LoanSync allows you to make quick estimates of the monthly instalments of different loans and to assess whether the amount you are planning to borrow fits into your budget.

    The results are estimates and do not take into account any other costs or constraints associated with the loan. Any conclusions drawn from these assessments are the responsibility of the user.


    The app will be developed based on feedback from users.

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